What do you usually do for your date every Valentine’s Day? Eat at a fancy restaurant, watch a movie, or maybe go out of town? If you’ve been together for so long, you might’ve already done everything on the books. You probably even had to consult Cosmopolitan and Buzzfeed articles for some ideas on rekindling your old flame.

If you didn’t relate to the statements above, then perhaps you are one of the people who think Valentine’s is a holiday made by businessmen to promote consumerism. Nevertheless, it’s still a great excuse to treat your dear one a little more special than usual, right?

Now, to help you come up with the best date for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, we’ve founded Swoon Festival!


As a couple who’ve been together for more than a decade, Sanne and Trey know the struggle of long-term relationships. They already know so much about each other that there’s nothing new to talk about, mainly because they’re also working together in their events management business. To make things interesting, they always make it a point to come up with a new activity to try each month.


Some of our friends who are in a relationship for a lot less time than ours have been asking us how we made it this far. To be honest, it’s all about making a point of choosing your partner every day. We also try keeping things interesting between us.

When we thought about how we can help other couples, we decided to set up an event where they can do various activities designed to test their teamwork and make them grow closer together.

Swoon Festival happens every 13th and 14th of February. The venue is in a resort in California, where couples who registered can choose among various activities scheduled for the entirety of the first day. The second day is dedicated to an all-day concert comprised of several bands and performers that vary every year.

Some of the activities you can try include:

*Some activities need advanced reservations so we can have a smooth schedule as we cater all couples.

  • Fall in love again as you jive along to the following musicians:
  • The Love Affairs
  • Saving Andy
  • Walking in Minnesota
  • Orange Monkeys
  • 5 of Hearts

Sign up today! We only limit registration to 143 couples!

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